About cows and kids

„Dialog about Germany“ – this is how the german chancellor called an internet platform to enable german citizens to participate to politics (www.dialog-ueber-deutschland.de). The principle: Suggestions about a better life with other people in this country are formulated and published on that site, in a second step other site visitors are invited to vote about them.

„A good opportunity to pinpoint the bad situation of families in Germany“, I told myself and then I added my own first suggestion (Kinder und Eltern besser stellen). Since there are no limitations about the topic or the number of suggestions one could publish on this website I added another one about the denial of kosher butchering in Germany (Verbot des Schächtens).

In the meantime the campaign has come to an end and the final votes are published: 64 persons voted for the enhancement of the situation of families and their children in Germany, whereas 302 persons voted for the denial of kosher butchering in Germany. In other words: Five times as many people in Germany feel closer to the well-being of cows than to children and their parents.

So far so good about the myth about family- and child-friendly politics in Germany. There is no doubt, which conclusions especialy wooed specialists should draw from this facts, since they are not only supposed to move to Germany for working.


Über Wolf Michael

Interested in politics, especially everything, that covers the situation of families in Germany.
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